Friction Calls
Custom Made by Bill Payne
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Our friction calls are some of the finest on the market today! While all of these calls are built for collector quality, they are built to hunt…these calls talk turkey or they don’t make it out the door!
All of our wooden calls are individually handcrafted the old fashioned way…one at a time. The backs of the calls are fully engraved and all bear my signature…your guarantee that I pride myself on workmanship and quality, both in looks AND function.
All of our wooden calls are finished with five coats of urethane inside and out to prevent warping, cracking, or splitting.

We currently offer these calls in Pecan, Walnut, Padauk, Cherry, Zebrawood, Maple (Hard & Birdseye), Cedar, and Sassafras. In addition, we also offer several exotic calls from time to time or on request.

Friction Call - Pecan
Friction Call - Zebrawood
Friction Call - Maple
Friction Call - Padauk
Friction Call - Cedar

Friction surfaces available include deep-mined Pennsylvania slate, copper, aluminum, glass, and crystal.

We are also very proud to offer matched sets of calls. These calls feature your choice of calling surfaces on one call and the second call features a beautifully laser engraved slate soundboard under a glass calling surface. You will not be disappointed with this choice!

Friction Call - Zebrawood Pair
Friction Call - Cedar
Friction Call - Padauk Pair

We also offer a variety of calls featuring custom inlay work.
Friction Call - Black Walnut - Combo
Friction Call - Black Walnut - Inlay

All of our wood calls feature a 3½ inch calling surface.
New for 2005 is our full line of custom friction calls featuring poly pots. These calls feature our new sound chamber that allows you to be as loud or soft as needed to entice in that boss tom!
Friction Call - Poly 1
Friction Call - Poly 2
Friction Call - Poly 3
Friction Call - Poly Fronts

These calls come in two sizes: 3 ½ inch and for smaller hands, a 3 inch model.

Friction Call - Poly Large/Small

Friction surfaces available include deep-mined Pennsylvania slate, copper, aluminum, glass, and crystal.

We also offer the poly call in a double sided model…this call will really talk some turkey! This is a very versatile call which features several different calling surface combinations…Take your pick!

Friction Call - Poly Double

We are also proud to offer Black and Green Anodized Aluminum for the 2005 season.
Friction Call - Black and Green

To complete that special gift for your turkey hunter, we also offer custom sewn black velvet gift bags to protect that special call.
Friction Call - Presentation Bag

Each friction call comes with TWO strikers and an appropriate call care and conditioning kit.
Strikers - Plastic Top
Strikers - Wood Top